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Online Flower Order Process

Hi there,

This page has been created to guide Melbourne florist online customers with their flower delivery order. Below you’ll find step by step instructions and images to help you with placing your order online.

Step 1 Add flower product to cart.

-Firstly choose the colour of the flower product.

-Then you choose the number of roses (if it’s a rose bouquet or box) or size (if it’s an arrangement or flower bouquet).

-Choose the Delivery Suburb. Note this is a vital information field because it determines the delivery charge for your flower order.

- Write the message you want to put in the card along side your flowers.

-Click ‘Add to Cart’ to proceed.( Make sure the number 1 is written in the box above)

Step 2 Go to checkout.

-Check all the choice you’ve made on the previous page and click ‘Go to Checkout’ to continue.
Step 3 Create Account

-Enter your name and surname .

-Enter your full address. ( Street number and name, suburb, choose state, enter postcode and choose country from the dropdown box.

-Enter yourcontact phone or mobile number.

-Provide an email address and choose a password to create your login details.

- Then click Submit to continue.
Step 4 Delivery Information

- If you are delivering to the same address you provided before, choose the delivery date, state any special requirements in the appropriate text box and click ‘Continue Checkout’.
Step 4a Delivery Information

-If you clicked on the ‘Change your Address’ box. Enter the appropriate contact and delivery address information and press the ‘Continue’ button
Step 5

-Confirm your details and price total.

-Enter any special instructions for the flower delivery.

-Click ‘Continue to Checkout’ to proceed to payment.

b>Step 6 Order confirmation.

-Check all the information you provided is correct. (Flower product, delivery address,special instructions etc.)

-After you have checked everything, click ‘Confirm the order ‘ to confirm.

Step 7 Final Step

-In this step you are redirected to Paypal. Our online flower shop uses Paypal to undertake all payments on our behalf. It’s easy to use, you just enter your credit card details and pay for your flower order. As soon as you have paid the order comes through. (within seconds)

This was a Melbourne florist online article to help our customers when they’re placing an order. If you still have any questions or difficulties please give us a call on 0394292673.

Thank you,

Melbourne Florist Online